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The mobility lease: an alternative for temporary rentals »
Discover the mobility lease (bail mobilité in French), a flexible option for temporary rentals with a tailored rental period and a secure legal framework, ideal for students, workers on the move, and professionals on assignment.
(MMC, 30 of May 2023)

Dublin: Discover the Irish capital! »
Following the EuRA (European Relocation Association) Congress in Dublin, we unveil the numerous attractions of the city and provide practical information to make the most of your stay. Dublin is the vibrant capital of Ireland! This lively city is brimming with history, culture, and breathtaking landscapes, making it an ideal tourist destination for people in search of an exotic getaway. Whether you're a music enthusiast, a history buff, or a nature lover, Dublin will charm you with its friendliness, traditional pubs, historic sites, and natural beauty.
(MMC, 16 of May 2023)

Eco-actions: giving new life to furniture »
Discover Eco-actions: Give a new lease of life to your furniture! Management Mobility Consulting explores eco-responsible alternatives for expatriates and impatriates, highlighting organizations that collect unused furniture. Find sustainable solutions and support the circular economy.
(MMC, 12 of May 2023)

Mobili-Pass®: countries exempted from tax proof  »
Here is the list of countries that are not subject to tax proof when applying for a Mobili-Pass® subsidy.
(MMC, 4 of May 2023)

MMC succeeds in the Squadeasy challenge for the environment! »
MMC takes second place in Luxembourg's top 5 in the Squadeasy challenge for the environment!
(MMC, 27 of April 2023)

Mobili-Pass®: What uncertainties for 2023? »
What future for the Mobili-Pass® system, which aims to facilitate access to housing for employees on professional mobility?
(MMC, 20 of April 2023)

MMC France, preferred Graebel partner for 2023! »
A quality partnership for Management Mobility Consulting (MMC) regarding international relocation practices.
(MMC, 13 of April 2023)

MMC and Squadeasy, a challenge for health and the planet »
Find out how and why MMC embarked on a Squadeasy challenge to improve its corporate responsibility.
(MMC, 4 of April 2023)

20 years of Magellan certification for MMC! »
MMC is proud of this 20th anniversary!
(MMC, 30 of March 2023)

Rent freeze for poorly insulated dwellings: an initiative to combat energy poverty »
The freeze on rents for F and G rated homes is intended to combat energy poverty.
(MMC, 23 of March 2023)

Immigration: the situation of Russian nationals »
We are currently noticing an increase in the number of cases of Russian nationals who have left Russia.
(MMC, 27 of January 2023)

Mobili-Pass 2022-2023 »
Following the distribution of the Mobili-Pass® subsidy which ended on December 1st 2022 for the year 2022, here are some new provisions.
(MMC, 17 of December 2022)

Clean-up day: relocation and sustainable development, initiatives for the planet »
Commit to a cleaner planet!
(MMC, 22 of September 2022)

MMC and TripPlanter for carbon offsetting »
MMC supports carbon offsetting via TripPlanter!
(MMC, 5 of May 2022)

Social Security scam! »
Beware of Vitale card scams!
(MMC, 4 of April 2022)

Support for the Ukrainians »
MMC supports Ukraine during these troubled days.
(MMC, 7 of March 2022)

Crisis centre for Ukraine »
Crisis centre for French citizens in Ukraine.
(MMC, 25 of February 2022)

The vaccination pass in France »
The vaccination pass came into effect on January 24th.What are the consequences for the population? What are the differences with the health pass? We tell you everything!
(MMC, 10 of February 2022)

Vaccinated abroad: What steps should I take in France to obtain a health pass? »
Moving to France and vaccinated abroad? Here is what you should do regarding anti-covid vaccination.
(, 3 of February 2022)

French expatriates abroad: how to return to France at the time of the health pass? »
Are you living abroad as an expatriate and wish to return to France? MMC explains here the steps to take in Covid-19 time and with the arrival of the health pass in the country.
(MMC, 9 of August 2021)

Reforestation at the heart of our values »
Strongly interested in environmental issues, Management Mobility Consulting decided at the end of this troubled year 2020 to plant more than 300 trees as holiday gifts.
(MMC, 31 of December 2020)

The national deconfinement protocol explained to expatriates coming to France »
Since the Coronavirus crisis, the world is experiencing an unprecedented situation with a major change in health protocol. Indeed, and even more so since the lockdown, companies taking over an activity must ensure the health and safety of their employees.
(MMC, 18 of June 2020)

How to obtain financial grants AIDE MOBILI-PASS® at your repatriation to France »
Faced with the Covid-19 pandemic, many French expatriates have chosen to shorten their stay abroad and return to France. Among the main challenges upon returning from expatriation are finding accommodation in France and registering with the Social Security system.
(MMC, 16 of June 2020)

Covid19: Relocation Services in France and Luxembourg »
Management Mobility Consulting has adapted its relocation services to the current health situation in France and Luxembourg and offers additional support upon return, with logistics support for expatriates on site and medical care through teleconferences with bilingual doctors.
(MMC, 22 of March 2020)

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